My name is Laura Max and thank you for joining me as I launch my first blog! I have been writing for as long as I can remember. Short stories, really long text messages, poetry and tons of journaling.

I chose to start this blog now because there has been so much going on for me and for my family this year and I am thrilled to document and share all of our milestones. This year I have begun a new career as a Birth Doula, entrepreneur, and online educator, after over 10 years in the field of Developmental Disabilities.

On October 6th I married the love of my life,  Richardo. My beautiful 11-year-old daughter has graduated from elementary school and began middle school this fall and Richardo has just graduated with his second master’s degree. I have also begun writing a book about my mother, who passed away when I was eight years old.

What a mouth full! On top of all these changes and new endeavors, I am stepping into my own skin and learning how to truly love and appreciate all aspects of myself and my life.

I’m excited, nervous and anxious for these next chapters in my life but most of all I am grateful to have a platform to share all my thoughts and writings with you. Thank you for joining and stay tuned for more content!



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