Good Eats 3-23-18

I think I would classify myself as one of those new health fanatics that falls somewhere between vegetarian, vegan, and pescatarian. I eat fish, but no other types of flesh. I shy away from cow’s milk or ingredients that contain it and I often opt for cashew milk or coconut milk instead, depending on the dish. I eat dairy mayo and cheese if I’m out of the house but stock up on vegan mayo and cheese for home.

If taste and convenience were out of the question, I would be a vegan. I subscribe to the health benefits and I know first hand how much better and lighter I feel when I am strictly following veganism.

The problem with maintaining a strict diet is that I just don’t want to. Food should be fun and delicious and easy! The more I have to think about food, the more of a chore it becomes, and no one likes chores.

So I cook what I want, I eat what I want and I try to stay within loose guidelines.

Ordinarily, I love to cook but recently I had been feeling consumed by other tasks and hadn’t spent much time in the kitchen.

All that changed yesterday. I had a well-stocked fridge, some time and a surge of energy and I decided to go wild. So here’s what I made…


Jerk Baked Shrimp



Sauteed Green Beans



Rice and Peas  (Made with Coconut Milk)



Dairy Free Curry Mac


Baked Red Potatoes 



Zucchini Soup in a Sweet Potatoe Base



Toasted Tortillas (For Soup)


4 thoughts on “Good Eats 3-23-18

      1. Yeah after a while it’s easier than people seem to think it is. Most people slowly transition over time and go through a vegetarian phase which makes sense, but I went vegan a year and a half ago over night from a standard diet; such a great decision for many reasons, and its crazy how much your perspective changes

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