A Gift Worth Giving

As I sit and reflect during this holiday season, I am flooded by the memories of gifts showered unto me by my family, all year long! Blog ideas from my husband, reposts of my work on IG by my best friends and understanding of my new schedule by my daughter. They gift me so that I can continue to gift the pregnant and their families.

What better gift is there, for a sleep-deprived new mama than rest, support and peace of mind? This is why you should consider giving someone you know, the gift of overnight doula support!

As a mother, I remember the long days and nights of waking up around the clock to feed my newborn. The first time my daughter slept 5 hours straight, I woke up in a panic realizing that I had slept more than usual. I didn’t get another 5 hours of consecutive sleep for weeks to come.

Imagine being able to sleep through the night with peace of mind knowing that your little one is being fed and cared for by a trusted provider. This is a gift to wake up feeling refreshed and brand new and a wonderful option for both breast and bottle-feeding families.

Please Contact Me to learn more about how you can give a meaningful gift that will truly make a difference!

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